Thursday, July 3, 2008

Introduction to ORKO

In the traditional language of the Inka people of Bolivia and Peru, ORKO means mountain summit; a point of excellence or high achievement. A place many aspire to reach; as adventurers or in our work, leisure and personal life.

MonasterioORKO has been set up by Dr Erik Monasterio to offer a range psychiatry, adventure, photography, music and speaker services. ORKO brings together a range of apparently disparate disciplines and skills developed over many years of study, exploration and research. The central theme is the search for mastery and excellence. The aim is to achieve the orko of personal potential in any chosen goal.

Dr Monasterio's audiovisual presentations describe the processes and techniques designed to successfully plan and carry out expeditions to the world's remotest and most extreme environments. These same techniques have been utilized to succeed in any other chosen sphere of life; academic, sporting, personal or artistic. The focus is on motivation, goal setting and optimal performance under pressure (refer to Motivational Speaker Services section).

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